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  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps

    If you are looking for vinyl tarps, then you are in the right place. we offers you the best value added quality vinyl tarps. it’s strong and longer service life.

    Heavy duty vinyl tarps can last up to 10 times longer than standard poly tarps, making them worth every penny of their price.

  • Our vinyl tarps are 100% waterproof and resistant to UV rays, abrasion, and tear.

    Count on these super heavy duty tarps to do the job, especially in frigid winters.

    We provide pvc coated vinyl tarps in 10oz, 18oz, 22oz, and 40oz, from heavy duty to super industrial strength, as well as with flame retardant coating.

    And if you need a custom size,

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  • Vinyl Tarps in JUMTARPS

    Our vinyl tarps is an extensive sheet of strong, adaptable, and are waterproof,

    and have high abrasion protection.

    These vinyl tarps resist oil and acid.

    JUMTRAPS have various use, including as shelter from the components, i.e., wind, rain, or daylight, a groundsheet.

  • JUMTRAPS are utilized amid the building process to shield brickwork and stonework from climate harm.

    Tarpaulins are additionally used for a fly in outdoors, a drop sheet for painting,

    for ensuring the infield of a baseball field, and for securing objects,

    for example, unenclosed street or rail goods conveying vehicles or heaps of wood.

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  • Our JUMTRAPS are likewise utilized on outdoor market stalls to give some insurance from the elements of nature,

    we have similarly got heavy duty tarps exported all over the world.


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Vinyl Tarps Application

  • Transportation: Protect from direct sunlight and rainfall

    JUMTRAPS are used to protect, food and other humanitarian goods when in transport from direct sunshine and rainfall. Different vehicles require different sizes and colors of tarpaulin covers, and they will be delivered according to your needs. Tarps can be folded and stored comfortably without occupying big spaces, unlike other materials used to make shades.

    Construction: Protect from roof leaks

    After severe storms, homeowners are often left with large holes in their roofs and claims filed with insurance companies can take a long time to be processed. To avoid leaks and the water damage that accompanies it JUMTRAPS can be placed on roofs to provide temporary relief.

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  • Agriculture: Boost production in farming

    JUMTRAPS are used in agriculture in several ways. Small-scale and large-scale farmers are using the greenhouse to boost production in farming businesses because in greenhouse the growth of plants and production is regulated.

    Benefit of our tarps in Other Industries

    In many industries where there is a fine mist from the industrial process that escapes into the air, tarpaulins are spread around the perimeter of the plant’s industrial area to protect workers from unnecessary inhalation of fumes and mists. Tarps used by industry in these cases help maintain safe workplaces and compliance with regulatory statutes.

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