Canvas Tarps

  • Canvas Tarps

  • Looking for canvas tarps to meet protection requirements for your property and materials?

    At Jumtarps,

    we offer a plethora of canvas tarpaulin to meet all your tarping requirements.

    Known in the industry as the pioneers of tarp manufacturers,

    we have proved our expertise in designing and manufacturing top notch canvas tarpaulin in different colors and sizes

    that cater to the requisites of our customers.

Our superior grade canvas tarps are embedded with different amazing features

such as water resistance,durability,strength,breathability,high quality stitching

and above all the use of finest raw materials for grommets.

Tarps manufactured by our company can be used for protection against harsh climatic conditions

including heavy snowfall, hail storms, frost and heavy rainfall.

Amazing features of Canvas Tarps

We have some of the best collections of canvas tarps in the country

which are consistently improved using latest technologies.

canvas tarps china

Durable and long lasting

Every canvas tarp manufactured by us pass through stringent quality control checks to ensure that it is long lasting and durable.

Our tarps are manufactured in different thickness for different uses.

Personalized products

We also offer custom made products to meet your requirements.

Our canvas tarps are available in different colors and sizes at affordable price rates.

Water proof

Our high quality canvas tarps are 100% water proof and breathable.

It is designed well above par to meet highest industry standards.

Highly resistant

Canvas tarps manufactured by us are superior in quality

and highly resistant to heat, flame, mildew, mold and the vagaries of nature.

UV treated

All our tarps are UV treated for resilience and protection.

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  • We ensure to offer the finest quality tarps to our customers in different varieties ranging from heavy duty industrial tarps to light weight tarps.

    We are the ultimate choice when it comes to canvas tarps in the industry.

    You can feel free to call us for consultation

    and we will help you choose the best canvas tarp for your specific needs.

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