Heavy Duty Tarps

Looking for the ultimate weather protection solution for your land patch or roof?

We are Jum Tarps, the premier manufacturers you can seek for all your tarping needs.

Based in China, we are well aware of the changing harshness of weather conditions and its impact on your homes and lands at the turn of each season.

Our products are specifically designed to handle harsh weather climates including

• Frost

• Hailstorms

• High Impact Rainstorms

Our Heavy-duty line of tarps are the leading product choice for every discerning vinyl tarp user.

We stick by our quality assurance making it our defining edge in the market.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps truck covers

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarp features

  • The products under this range are consistently improved to meet the highest standards for the following features

    Long Lastig – Each of the tarp is tested rigorously to check for durability.

    The quality of the core material used for the product is measured against the highest industry specific standards.

    As a result, our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps can last almost 10 times more than the standard quality poly tarps.

    Customization– Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

    This range of customization allows every user to buy a product specifically suitable to their individual needs.

    Advanced technology– We provide high quality PVC coating for our vinyl tarps in a range of 10oz, 18oz, 22oz and 40oz.

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps in china

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This range marks the heavy duty up to the super industrial level strength of traps available under this range.

We also treat our tarps with a flame retardant coating to make it flame proof.

Every product is treated for coating to ensure they are 100% UV rays proof, water proof and safe from abrasions or sudden tears.

In fact, the products are built to resist oil and even acid.

We are available for consultation to help you choose the perfect tarp solution for your particular needs.

Simple leave us an email here. Yu can also contact us directly on via the phone numbers provided in our contact sheet.