Mesh Tarps

  • Mesh Tarps china

  • With a whole new range of mesh tarps manufactured by us at Jumtarps, we have emerged as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of tarpaulin products in China.

    We have gained immense experience in manufacturing these tarps for many years now.

    It is our sheer dedication to offer high quality mesh tarps that has made us the best in the industry.

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What are the Features of Our Mesh Tarps?

  • Our mesh tarpaulin are unique and distinctive due to its wide and varied features. Some of them are the following

    • Wear and tear resistant

    • Durable

    • Excellent designs

    • Different degrees of blockages

    • Knitted finishes

    • Poly vinyl coated

    • High quality grommets

  • Mesh Tarps covers

Why Choose Mesh Tarps from Jumtarps?

You will find many reasons to choose mesh tarps from us.

We use top quality raw materials and cutting edge technology to design and manufacture these tarps.

Our team of experts is skilled in providing mesh tarpaulin in different sizes and weights to meet the requirements of our customers.

All our products are made to order and you can find tarpaulin solutions of all kinds with us.

Wide and Varied Uses

Our huge range of mesh tarps are designed specifically to meet various requirements. Some of the most important uses are as follows.

• Used during transportation
Our mesh tarps are ideal for covering sand, gravel, stones and other products during transportation. You can use our meshes in dump trucks during transport to avoid mishaps and accidents caused when trucks are uncovered.

• Privacy screens
It is also used as privacy screens during sports events such as tennis and badminton. Our meshes are designed to offer privacy and still emit light and air.

• Used at homes
Our high quality mesh tarps can be used in homes, gardens and lawns as it offers 100% UV protection, while providing the necessary light and air.

We can provide any type of mesh tarpaulin to suit your choice and preference. Please feel free to give us a call and let us know your requirement. Our contact numbers are listed on our web page.