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    Jum Tarps have been supplying tarpaulin for over ten years, We are the real PVC coated tarpaulin manufacturer in China, not the middle Man.

    Whatever big or small, we have tarps solution for you.We provide multiple sizes and colors.We have supplied Poly, Canvas , vinyl tarps for Truck Cover, tents, Side Curtain, Inflatable Fabric, Ventilation Duct and more

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The China’s Leading Supplier Of Tarps

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    Poly Tarps

    If you’re serious about the qulity of Poly Tarps, Do contact us for a qulity quote.


    Well, Our Poly tarps can resist rips, tears, heat, fire, water and mildew

    even in low-temperature conditions

    Manufactured with top quality. Our Line are all U.V. treated

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    Vinyl Tarps

    If you’re serious about Vinyl Tarps, you are in the RIGHT place


    Well, Jumtarps is the leading Tarps Manufacturer in China. Our Vinyl Tarps can handle superior protection

    And it’s Strong industrial-duty tarps

    Our PVC tarps can easily withstand wind and abrasion

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    Canvas Tarps

    If you’re serious about Canvas Tarps, you NEED to contact jumtarps


    Well, We offer a large inventory with varying sizes, colors, and weights to suit your application.

    And it’s water-resistant, breathable and strong

    canvas tarps are the denier, weight and quality of stitching

Why Buy Heavy Duty Tarps Fire Retardant Tarps From Us

Welcome to Jumtarps:

We provide a wide range of high quality vinyl tarps for your indoor and outdoor applications.

PVC coated Vinyl Tarpaulins are much stronger or thicker and more durable than other tarps.it’s 10 times stronger than longer than poly tarps,you can use PVC vinyl tarps instead of poly when it goes fails.

PVC coated vinyl tarpaulin with good features

for example outstanding tear-resistance and superior cold weather performance,

the the sunshine UV and very heat, the poly tarps will soon damaged,

however the vinyl will last much longer.

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18 oz PVC Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarpaulins are widely used by truck cover industry,
the tarps will keep your cargo on the truck bed, if leaving the materials exposed, Damages or accidents might happen should the items fall off the truck.

22 oz PVC Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarpaulins- UV treated. Super heavy duty vinyl tarps for building roof covers.

Our tarps are available in various weights.

We have minimum order quantity). because of the big machine.

changing the machine and clean the machine after one production will take a lot of time

Regarding the colors, we can produce all the colors as long as you can provide us the color sample or you can refer the RAL or Pantone color standard which are the most color standard in the world.

the material is 100% polyester, pattern by coated, and the maximum 3.2m

the feature is flame retardant, tear-resistant, waterproof, UV treated, mould-proff, high airtightness

our certifiation is EN71-3, B1,B2,M1,M2,RoHS, NFPA701

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Knife-Coated Vinyl Tarps (Premium Grade)

Knife coating is a special coating technique in which coating thickness is controlled by the distance between the substrate and a movable knife or bar.

The coating is applied to the substrate which then passes through a split between the knife and a support roller.As the coating and substrate pass through, the excess is peeled off.

This process can be used for high viscosity coatings and very high coat weights.It has supreme tearing strength and tensile strength.

Jumtarps Vinyl tarps Applications

Vinyl tarps are thicker than different coverings we offer

While they can be utilized for most indoor and open-air covering needs, they are intended for harder use. Their capacity to withstand extreme climate conditions makes them the best choice for clients for demanding outdoor jobs, particularly amid emergencies.

  • They keep your freight on the truck bed.

    It’s exceedingly prescribed to use a cover while transporting materials instead of abandoning them uncovered. Harms or mishaps may happen should the things tumble off the truck.

    Our coverings are accessible in different thicknesses.

    In any case, on the off chance that you discover these spreads excessively massive for your necessities, you also can look at other product we offer.

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Our PVC Vinyl tarps are guaranteed tough:

They have heat sealed seams and are resistant to abrasions and tearing

They can frequently be exposed to the sun with their resistance to ultraviolet rays.

The tarp is also resistant to liquids including oil and grease

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  • During showers, these tarps can resist the damaging agents brought by the rain.

    Since it can resist oil and grease, they can be used for applications where oil-based substances are present.

    inflatable use PVC vinyl fabric.

    because it is extremely durable, rugged and better than other type of materials

PVC vinyl tarps is now replacing the old-style building resources such as clay, concrete, wood and metal in many various applications

Cost-effectiveness, versatility and best record

its uses shows that it is one of the most essential polymers to all the construction sectors accounted for over 60% of European production of the said material in 2006.

  • Also PVC vinyl tarps are used for ventilation ducting.

    it is a single-ply vinyl covered polyester texture hose

    It is made with strengthened spring steel wire helix and secured by outer PVC wear-strip utilized for insurance and scraped spot.

    JUMTRAPS vinyl coated tarpaulin application for ventilation ducting is intended for positive weight ventilation and negative weight applications.

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