450g/m2 19cm*35m PVC Strip Screen Tarpaulin Fence for Garden Decoration / Sichtschutzstreifen/Stein-Optik grob

450g/m2 19cm*35m PVC Strip Screen Tarpaulin Fence for Garden Decoration / Sichtschutzstreifen/Stein-Optik grob

PVC tarpaulin is a high strength polyester canvas as the base cloth, coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with growth agent (synthetic plant ester), anti-mildew agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other chemical additives, through high temperature plasticization. Waterproof, mildew resistant, cold resistant, aging resistant, anti-static and other properties; And the breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than traditional tarpaulin. Its wide range of use, the use of strength, color diversity, the surface of the special treatment to play the role of anti-skid, is an international popular waterproof fabric, and the width is very large, up to 2 meters wide, the use of available thermal joint splicing, without sewing pinhole leakage worry, is the mainstream products in the modern tarpaulin market.

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   PVC fence strip sichtschutzstreifen for the lattice fence. The monomeric hard PVC screen, available in various RAL-like and fence-typical colours, is made of solid coloured and UV-resistant pvc powder. They are extremely firm but still flexible. With their surface embossed structure, the monomeric stripes not only look visually attractive, but also enable scratch-free braiding into the lattice fence.

Fence Features:

Item:100% UV Resistance 1.3mm 19cm*2.525m  Hard PVC Strip Screen Fence for Fence Decoration /Hart PVC Sichtschutzstreifen RAL7016
Material: 100% PVC
Thickness:1.3mm / 1450g
Package:PE film+ carton +pallet
R/Ctn:10pcs per carton
Ctn Size:28*28*22CM
Color:RAL7016 ,RAL7040,RAL6005
100% UV protection
Payment terms:TT/FOB
Delivery time:30-40 days afer 30% deposit

Fence Features:

Sound proof
Privacy protection
Easy installation
Excellent tensile,tearing,peeling strength
100%UV resistance.
Flame retardent character.(optional)
Reach quality(optional)

Basic Information:

Base fabric100% Polyester
Surface TreatmentAcrylic / PVDF
Max Width19cm
ColourRefer to RAL & PANTONE color chart
HS Code5903109010
FeaturesWaterproof, Fire Retardant, Anti UV, Heavy Metal Free, Anti Mildew, Flexible, Heavy Duty, Tensile, Self Clean etc are available.
Application 1. Outdoor garden.
 2. Outdoor event tent(blockout),Awnings.
 3. Rain and sunshine shelter, playground.
 4. Army tent, carriage tent and house building.
 5. Membrane Construction Structure.
 6. Healthcare Medical Treatment.
 7. Sport, Inflatable Fabric, Package etc.
PackageCraft paper; Hard Tube Packing.

PVC Tarpaulin Features:

FireproofB1,B2,M1,M2,NFPA701 Optional
Eco-Friendly3P, 6P, Reach, heavy metal free Optional
Weather Resistant-35℃ ~ +70℃

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