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Can You Build a Pool with a PVC Tarp?
2022-11-17   Jumtarps    Industry News

The answer is a big YES!

First, prepare some materials to build the pool. These would be wooden pegs, screws, one-inch PVC pipes, one-inch PVC tees, one-inch PVC elbows, cut-up pieces of rope, and the PVC Tarp.

The PVC tarp is usually used for shades or shelters. It’s really a good material for waterproofing.

The next thing to do is cut the PVC pipes in pieces according to your desired pool size and shape. Then, connect them together with the tees and elbows.

When you have the perfect skeleton structure of the pool using the PVC pipes, check and tighten each joint on tees and elbows. Make sure they are connected firmly to make your pool as sturdy as it should be.

Next thing to do is to make the structure be firmly seated on the ground. Use wooden pegs to keep the pipes firmly held down on the ground.

Then, screw on the elbows and tees to the pipes to ensure sturdiness.

Finally, drape the PVC tarp over the skeleton sculpture. Be sure the edges drape over the edges of the skeleton structure so that you can easily fasten the PVC tarp edges down to the ground.

Put grommets on the edges of the PVC tarp to easily tie it down with a rope and fasten it to the bottom pipe. It’s better to start filling up the pool with water to weigh down the PVC tarp and let the pool take shape. Finally, fasten all the edges of the PVC tarp around the structure with pieces of rope. Tuck the edges as neatly as you can.

The pool could be too high for children to go over. Use a step ladder for them to easily get into the pool. Enjoy!