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The Details Of The Correct Use Of Tarpaulin Tents
2020-09-04   Jumtarps    Industry News

       The normal use of tarpaulin tents is very important. Correct use can prevent malfunctions and prolong service life. So what are the requirements for the correct use of tarpaulin?


       1. When the tarp is not in use, it must be collected. All the parts and accessories must be collected. Don't lose anything, and avoid missing parts when you use it next time, and you can't cover things well.

  2. Pay attention to the handling of the tarp, handle it with care, and ensure that it is placed in a safe location, not in a place that is too high, and fireworks are strictly prohibited. Avoid burning the tarp or unnecessary loss of the items under the tarp.

  3. It is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the tarp. After use, if there is a period of time when it is not used and needs to be put away, a simple finishing of the tarp must be carried out. To prevent objects from decay in the tarp and corrode the tarp.

  4. The tarp that has been stored for a long time should be exposed to the sun frequently to avoid the propagation of bacteria on the tarp, which will have a certain impact on the service life of the tarp.

       5. Learn the instructions for the tarp first, and then install the tarp. Pay attention to the installation process and make some details of the tarp installed, such as whether the tarp is fastened and the orientation is appropriate. Waiting.

       6. Be careful in the process of use. If there are sharp objects or sharp objects, they must be properly placed. Do not let them scratch the tarp to avoid affecting the final use effect, and even if it is not careful It does not matter if the tarpaulin is scratched. Correct the tarpaulin in time, such as patching, etc., so that the use of the tarpaulin can reach the maximum effect.