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Some Tips to Buy Canvas Heavy Duty Tarps
2020-07-27   Jumtarps    Industry News

Tarpaulins are large waterproof or water resistant sheets made of Poly Vinyl Chloride or Polyethylene or Canvas material that are flexible and protects you from unforgiving weather conditions, harsh environment and dust and dirt. Heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin is a staple in many industries where you have to protect assets against the elements.
In alternative energy sector the heavy duty PVC tarpaulin are used in the field especially for insulation, protection from dirt and sometimes even fire.

When conditions are especially unforgiving on your valuable assets in the field, you will want to choose heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin over any other kind. Otherwise, it might just not be the tarpaulin that takes the hit from the elements; your assets like battery or generators could also be a casualty of the elements.

Between Waterproof and Water Resistant
There is a lot of difference between waterproof tarpaulin and water resistant tarpaulin. And they are used for different needs.

PVC Tarpaulin is waterproof; meaning, it can be submerged in water and there will not be any absorption. Cleaning this kind of tarp is easy compared to the water resistant kind. And if you want heavy duty protection in rain or snow or high waters, PVC heavy duty tarp is the best way to go.

The PVC Tarpaulins are also mildew and rot resistant.

On the other hand, water resistant tarps like Canvas Tarps can only keep the water away from your goods for a short period of time. This doesn’t make them an ideal choice to protect against persistent rainy conditions.

Thicker the PVC

If your need encompasses resistance to onslaught of severe dirt or snow or anything similar you need to go for the heaviest duty options out there.

You can choose your tarp from 0.10mm to 0.40mm thickness and but the same thickness of PVC tarpaulin is stronger than other materials. They are also much lighter and more flexible. They give long lasting high performance compared to the other materials like polyethylene or canvas of same thickness.

Mesh Counting the PVC

If your batteries or generators are under barrage of high wind speeds or very harsh elements, you should choose a higher mesh count PVC tarp. Mesh Count is a measure of strength and heavy duty PVC tarpaulin of same mesh count has higher tear resistance than Canvas or Polyethylene tarps.

They are lighter and shrink proof too.

Are Conditions Fiery?

If you anticipate that chance of fire is even a remote possibility, then PVC tarpaulins that are treated with fire resistant materials provide more protection than other materials specially canvas.
Where there are batteries, you might want to consider this exigency.

Of course, they cannot offer long lasting protection from a raging fire, but they sure can protect your assets by retarding the fire for some time, giving you precious additional seconds to act.

Need Insulation
If you need your energy assets to be protected from the external temperatures, choose a heavy duty PVC tarpaulin that comes with a padding of insulation material on one side.
PVC tarpaulins perform better than any other materials in low temperatures of up to -40 Fahrenheit. Insulation materials considerably enhance PVC tarpaulin performance compared to other choices.
Protecting with PVC
Very clearly, heavy duty PVC tarpaulin emerges as the winner among all other options, when it comes to offering unparalleled protection for your alternative energy assets.
PVC tarps are simply made to be superior.