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How to make pvc tarpaulin more durable? ---Chapter 1: How to use
2021-06-01   Jumtarps    Industry News

Although the pvc tarp is wear-resistant and durable, it also has good waterproof, fire proof, mildew proof and aging proof. But if the use process does not pay attention to maintenance, the service life will be greatly reduced.Next, Jumtarps will show you how to use, maintain and store tarps.

The use and maintenance of pvc tarpaulin:

1. When pvc tarpaulin is used, sharp tools should be avoided to scratch the fabric, which will lead to a decline in the waterproof performance of the fabric.

2. When pvc tarpaulin is used up, it should be dried and stored in a package for the next use.

3. When pvc tarpaulin is stacked in stock, attention should be paid to moistureproof and mouse bite, and regular drying should be carried out according to the local temperature and climate conditions.If the tarp is a bit dirty, just scrub it gently with cold water!Do not use chemical lotion, or scrub, which will destroy the waterproof film on the surface of the fabric, reduce the waterproof effect of the tarp.

4. In the process of pvc tarp handling, we should try to pay attention to the uniform force, to prevent the damage of the outer packaging, prevent the brute force from tearing, and drag the tarp on the ground. The rolling way can be used to carry the tarp.

5. If the pvc tarpaulin is not a fireproof fabric, should pay attention to use away from the source of fire, inventory should pay more attention to fire prevention, attention can not throw cigarette butts.

6. When the pvc tarp is expanded, it should be placed in a good place and then expanded to avoid the damage caused by pulling the tarp on the ground.

7. Before the tarp opens, you should first check the ground, remove sharp objects, and prevent damage to the surface of the PVC tarpaulin.

8. Please know the local wind in advance, when the wind is too large, please reinforce the PVC waterproof tarpaulin in advance, it is best to fix the tarpaulin on the ground with tacks.

Taps should be packed and stored properly after use.

In addition, how to properly package, save, please look forward to our next Blog!