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Professional Q&A on the application of pvc fabirc raw materials---Ms. Hallen, sales manager of jumtarps
2021-08-18   Jumtarps    Company News

Today, I am honored to invite Ms. Hallen, the company's sales manager in North America. Ms. Hallen has more than 10 years of sales experience in the industry and provides high-quality solutions for customers with annual purchases of more than 1 million US dollars. Received praise from customers for many years. Excellent professional knowledge and good service consciousness are the secrets for her to be favored by customers. Today, she will use her professional knowledge to answer some questions for everyone.

OK, let's enter the question and answer.


      Q: What is the advantage of the PVC fabrics?

The PVC fabrics are widely used in different industries. Because of its excellent strength, durability, waterproof and economy, it is popular and warm praise from the market. Nowadays, people innovate various applications with PVC vinyls, some of them deeply effect our life, the inflatable and jumping application is one of the main parts.


 Q: What is the inflatables PVC fabric request?

The inflatable PVC materials with strong tear strength, this is the basic performance what the customers need. When the materials is processed into the finished inflatable castles, it needs absolutely safe to be playing on it, especially the children. Then, it determine the scrim we need to use the stronger.


Q: What kind of specification we can use for inflatable castle?

Normally, we will often use the polyester yarn with 1000denier, 1500denier as well as the 1300denier. The weight can be made into 450gsm, 610gsm and 650gsm, which are the standard weights to be used. According to the different testing standards and demands all of the world, we often make the 1000Dx1000D, 20x20 for European market, which also has the specific surface embossed, like Cape leather embossing, Cow leather embossing.

To North America, it normally use the 1000Dx1300D, or 1500Dx1500D, and surface almost with Matte finish. If the fabrics to South America, it will be almost with 1000Dx1000D, 20x20 and glossy surface.


Q:How about the environmental protection standard?

Besides the tear strength, another most important point on the inflatable castles is the phthalates free. It is stipulated for all of the world, you have to meet the standards like EN71, Reach. Wherever we export the PVC fabrics, it is always the necessary requirement for the inflatables applications. If the vinyls with toxic contents, it will be harmful for the body and healthy.


Q: If the trampoline can be made?

In the inflatable industry, our PVC fabrics also can be made into the trampoline. There is the common gym facility we can see. It has different sizes, some of them can be exercised at home. Lots of the people like to be fun on the trampoline when they are in fitness centers. The weight 610gsm will be main weight for it. We use 1000Dx1000D or 1000Dx1300D for 610gsm black, which is the standard color. Certainly, we will use the PVC texiliine mesh sometimes for the trampoline as well. The mesh is the lighter than solid fabrics, it will be easier to be folded.


Q: How about the air-tight projects with the PVC fabrics?

Another big market on the inflatable application with the Air-tight PVC fabrics. This is also the range we are skilled to produce currently. The weight from 550gsm to 1100gsm, which can be often made into boat, liferaft and water bag

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