White Poly Tarps

White Poly Tarps

PVC tarpaulin is a high strength polyester canvas as the base cloth, coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with growth agent (synthetic plant ester), anti-mildew agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other chemical additives, through high temperature plasticization. Waterproof, mildew resistant, cold resistant, aging resistant, anti-static and other properties; And the breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than traditional tarpaulin. Its wide range of use, the use of strength, color diversity, the surface of the special treatment to play the role of anti-skid, is an international popular waterproof fabric, and the width is very large, up to 2 meters wide, the use of available thermal joint splicing, without sewing pinhole leakage worry, is the mainstream products in the modern tarpaulin market.

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White Poly Tarp Recommended Applications

White poly tarps have the same abilities as silver poly tarps. They absorb only a low amount of heat and they can reflect the light coming from the sun. White is also ideal for applications that require sun protection.

Note that the sun protection this tarp provides is different from the darker colored tarps. Since a white poly tarp has a light color, it cannot block the sun totally. Instead, it provides good visibility underneath, making this cover perfect for outdoor selling, functions, parties and other activities.

Just like silver poly tarps, the large white poly tarps are great for athletic fields. You don’t have to worry about damage caused by wind and rain. White poly tarps can resist tearing and ripping so your field is protected the whole time it’s not being used for the games.

Another play area our tarps can protect is an outdoor ice skating rink. Since white only absorbs a low amount of heat, the ice won’t melt easily even when exposed to the bright sun. They also give your ice skating area a neat and attractive look.

Since white poly tarps are multi-purpose covers, they can be used for covering messy areas in construction sites and commercial and residential building projects, improvements or renovations. You can use these tarps for almost every covering need. But if you require a cover that is not very noticeable, check out the other colors of our poly tarps.

White poly tarps are made of polyethylene which is a recyclable material. Do not throw these tarps away when they are no longer usable. Help preserve the nature by surrendering these covers to tarp recycling facilities.


White Poly Tarp Specs Info

Our white poly tarps are suitable for long-term covering needs and demanding projects. They can handle such tough jobs because they are heavy-duty covers. They have a high denier and mesh weave count. They are also thicker than economy tarps. Need a cover you can use for more than three months continuously? You can rely on the white poly tarps to do the job.

Our white poly tarps will not stretch, rip, tear or fray. They are made sturdy by the interwoven core and rope reinforced hems. Even with tension coming from all the grommets, these tarps can maintain their original shape.

Our white poly tarps have grommets along the sides. Use ropes, bungee cords or ball bungees to secure the tarp in place. The cords are available here at Tarps Plus. 

White poly tarps can handle the harmful agents brought by all weather conditions. They can be used throughout the changing seasons. With UV treatment, the white poly tarp will not deteriorate from constant sun exposure. The tarp is waterproof and resistant to agents such as mold, mildew and acids. It is usable even during the rainy season. A white poly tarp also has arctic flexibility. It’s a cover you can use even during the winter season.

Heavy Duty Tarp


Base fabric is made of high strength 

polyester fiber,High density weaving,
Super durable.


Added with flame retardants 

and smoke suppressor.


Waterproof coating 

Meeting water can instantly gather water droplets
Water can be stored as a pool.


Sturdy material. 

Able to cope with severe weather and harsh environment.


High Frequency Welding. 

Uses a variety of wrapping technology.
Color and tension are strictly monitored.