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What Is Considered A Heavy Duty Tarp?
2022-05-13   Jumtarps    Industry News

What Is Considered A Heavy Duty Tarp?

    The construction of a heavy-duty tarp differs depending on its use. It can be made from high-density polymers, such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). These materials have a variety of properties and are commonly used for large shelters, truck covers, and large-scale outdoor events. Heavy-duty tarps can also be made from lightweight materials such as hay or groundsheet, and they may also have stainless steel D-Rings.

      In general, heavy-duty poly tarps are designed to withstand outdoor use. These materials are highly resistant to fading, mildew, acid, mold, and bacteria. They also have a Durapel weather finish for added protection against damaging UV rays. They are also reinforced with reinforced corner guards. Some heavy-duty tarps are made of 1,200-denier-count material, which promises arctic flexibility and can function under freezing temperatures as well as in hot desert conditions.

    When selecting a tarp, always consider its size before purchasing. Most tarps are four to six inches smaller than the advertised size. Manufacturers measure before hemming the edges. Some types of tarps are available in different colors - some are used for specific purposes while others are simply made to cover a whole lot of ground. Before making your purchase, consider what it will be used for.

      Heavy-duty tarps are usually made of thick poly coating and have a high mesh count. Heavy-duty tarps should also have a thick poly coating, as these are more resistant to moisture and UV rays. Heavy-duty tarps should also be thick enough to withstand exposure to sunlight. If the tarp is exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, it should be able to protect the furniture from damaging ultraviolet rays.

Advantages Of  Heavy Duty Tarps

     Many advantages of a heavy-duty tarp are obvious. It is strong and can withstand time and usage, which is what makes them a popular choice for a variety of industries. In addition to this, tarps are portable and can be set up on the spot. Construction of temporary structures requires a lot of time and expertise, and a heavy-duty tarp makes it easy to construct and break down temporary structures on the fly.

     As a result, Heavy Duty Tarps are ideal for protecting your cargo and your truck from the elements. They are made from XF Film, which is strong, versatile, and waterproof. Whether you need to transport food, materials, or machinery, a Heavy Duty Tarp can protect you from the elements. A heavy-duty tarp also minimizes the risk of cargo falling off a truck.

     An iron horse tarp is a good choice for heavy-duty applications but does not weigh as much as a poly tarp. Despite being twice as thick, it allows air to pass through, which reduces condensation and protects valuable equipment. Plus, it is waterproof, which means it can be used in any condition. An iron horse tarp is especially good for outdoor activities, and it doubles the resistance of a canvas tarp.

     Vinyl tarps are industry-grade and designed for heavy-duty usage. These tarps have stronger constructions and are coated with yellow vinyl. They are more water-resistant than poly tarps, making them a versatile choice for construction and agriculture. They can even be used as temporary shelters, such as on the back of an ATV. They are also perfect for industrial trucking.