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Everything you know about pvc tarpaulin
2021-08-03   Jumtarps    Industry News

     Are you in heavy duty jobs that need best protection against rips and punctures? Do you need Vinyl Tarps for fencing, field covers, or banners?  Then look no further, because with PVC tarpaulin, you are capable to handle your heavy duty jobs and provide safety to your items against rips and punctures. Various PVC tarpaulins like vinyl tarps are applicable in many industries as they can withstand wind and abrasion. They can be used as banners, field fencing and covers, and as gym floors.

JUM PVC Tarpaulin Applications

  While PVC tarpaulins are the best options for roof protection, they are largely used for covering other objects such as water trailers, work trucks, gondolas, railcars, and other types of industrial equipment. PVC tarps are economical and lightweight making them perfect for weatherproofing your equipment or building in a little span of time. Just pull the trap over your equipment or roof, and secure the tarp with rope applying built-in grommets. The versatility and flexibility of polyvinyl traps make them best for temporary storage, logistics, shipping, hurricane and natural tragedy preparation, and many more applications.

Advantages of PVC waterproof tarpaulin

  Now that you know the uses and applications of tarpaulins in many fields, you may want to know the reason for its growing usage. There are many remarkable reasons why tarpaulins are largely used. Some of the general ones are listed below.


  Tarps have super strength. They stand up the test of time and usage without posing any big issues. Actually, it is the durability of the traps that make them largely preferred in many fields.


  Many industries use a waterproof tarpaulin due to the price reason. Most of the choices on setting up a temporary shelter or structure warrant too much cash. On the other hand, tarpaulins are very affordable. By spending a minimum sum, you can use these very versatile sheltering sheets to save your dear ones, livestock, and other objects.

Simple to Use

  Constructing structures can waste lot of time. Also, you need some type of experience to set up any structure. Anyway, with tarpaulins, you can simply set up temporary structures and shelters on the go. For that, you do not need any type of expertise or experience.

Low Maintenance

  Any items need some type of maintenance. Too much maintenance can be costly. The scenario is fully different with tarpaulins, they need minimal care and maintenance.

 Why Choose PVC Tarpaulins at JUM Tarps

  All of our PVC Tarpaulins are produced with nylon thread in the hems, heavy duty grommets and heat welded interior seams. These vinyl tarps provide a top tear and abrasion resistance than a light duty tarp, or other inferior vainly traps.

These PVC tarps are best for use in such applications such as baseball field covers, gym floor covers, truck tarps, oil rig tarps, or all season open-air covers, and general industrial equipment covers. Other general uses contain asbestos and salvage covers for fire departments and are extremely general in outdoor industrial and construction websites.