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How to choose a tarp tent
2020-10-29   Jumtarps    Company News

Tarpaulins are generally used for cargo yard covers, canvases for vehicles and ships, large and small tents, open-air warehouses, protective cloths for flood relief, etc. If you want to buy a good quality tent, this is what every customer wants, so how can you buy it? How about a good quality tent? In this regard, the tarpaulin manufacturer said:  

  1. Tent fabric: a good tent, tent fabric is the main point, how to check the quality of the tarp, should be the rainproof performance of the tent fabric as the main reference, this indicator is still how many mm per square centimeter The water column is calculated. The high-quality rainproof tarpaulin not only has high rainproof index, but also has a thick rubber strip at the joint of the awning line to prevent water seepage at the seam. No one wants to run into a rainy day when camping out, let alone hope that the tarp they bought is still leaking.

  2. Style: dome type or channel type. Dome-style tents are supported by more than two poles, and can basically be erected without ground nails. Channel tents basically need to be built with ground nails, so the wind resistance effect is good. It is mainly used in high mountain and windy environments. If it is on a hard ground such as cement, the only way to press the tent's support point is to use large heavy stones.

  3. Tent poles: Most tent poles are made of fiberglass poles, with a small amount of aluminum alloy poles. The price of fiberglass rod is cheap, but heavier. However, the fiberglass rod will break under the impact of high cold environment and sudden heavy pressure. So I have to look at it based on my actual situation, I need poles for that kind of tent.