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canopy room has many advantages
2021-03-08   Jumtarps    Company News

While completing the functions of the exhibition hall, the exhibition canopy room also has the charm that the indoor exhibition hall does not have :

Realize new themes for customers at any time, and adjust solutions flexibly and quickly to any space needed.

Whenever there are concerts or large-scale theatrical performances, the stadium will always use canopy rooms to quickly build giant SHOW stands, lighting, stage and other supporting facilities. There are countless cases of modern exhibitions relying on temporary buildings. Because of the mobility and temporary nature of the exhibition canopy room, the limitations of the venue’s hardware facilities have been resolved in one fell swoop, and the definition of exhibition has been expanded indefinitely, and its influence has expanded rapidly. We believe that the canopy room pavilion will become an inevitable trend for more exhibition development in the future.

A space full of personality

Inside and outside the exhibition canopy room, the canopy room structure built by supporting facilities and specially for some special functions makes the exhibition more warm and humane, and significantly increased the attention of the exhibition activities. Sign-in area, exhibition information center, exhibition service desk, exclusive VIP exhibition area (member area), welcome area for customers to rest or discuss details, temporary small platforms for various experience activities, efficient press release area, delicious and delicious dining area and so on...Modern exhibitions are increasingly pursuing faster, more complete, and more considerate humanization, and the expansibility of the exhibition canopy room ensures that the exhibition is comprehensive. All of this perfectly reflects the fashionable, noble, meticulous and rigorous brand image of the exhibition organizer.

The convenience of the canopy room does not stop there. Industrial storage canopy rooms also have corresponding professional solutions for various ground conditions. Industrial storage canopy rooms also have corresponding professional solutions for various ground conditions. Expansion screws, steel drills, and professional load-bearing systems enable the canopy room to be built and used safely and securely whether it is on sand, grass, asphalt, cement ground, or on indestructible ground such as marble. Industrial storage canopy rooms have all-round convenience, the price is cheaper than steel structure, but also can guarantee its safety performance (wind resistance can reach 8 0-1 0 0 0 km/h), so industrial storage canopy rooms can be said to be a temporary solution The best choice for storage problems.

The canopy room is made of PVC tarpaulin, which has good properties of non-stretching and anti-ultraviolet rays, opaque, rainproof and fireproof. Using high frequency welding technology, high strength, long life, reliable safety performance.


■ Unit combined structure, canopy rooms span from 3 to 10 meters for small series and 15 to 25 meters for large series, which can be built flexibly and quickly according to the size of the site.

■ The tarpaulin fabric uses high-strength polyester filaments as the base layer, with self-cleaning technology on the surface, which can resist wind and rain, sun and ultraviolet rays. After disassembly, the volume is small, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

■ Installation and disassembly are simple and quick.

■ There are no pillars in the canopy room, and the site space is 100% utilized.

■ There are no special requirements for the construction site, generally flat ground such as grass, sand, asphalt, and cement ground can be used.