Super 10 oz Lightweight Lumber Tarp

Super 10 oz Lightweight Lumber Tarp

  Heavy Duty Tarps are the leading choice for the vinyl tarp buyers focused on long lasting quality along with great value. Our heavy duty tarps are engineered to the highest standards in the industry.The industrial quality of our heavy duty tarps makes them perfect for covering equipment, cargo transported by wagons, hay bales, RV’s and many more. They are also ideal for agriculture applications. We offer the widest selection of grades, weights, and colors in standard and custom option sizes. In addition, The most demanding jobs can be handled by the heavy duty vinyl tarps. They are tough against tearing and abrasions. The incredible strength of the heavy duty vinyl tarps makes them suitable for covering jobs in the industrial and agricultural sector.You can easily and quickly tie down the tarps with the grommets found on the sides. The grommets are rust resistant so they won’t stain the fabric. The tarps are also made extra tough by the heat sealed seams.These tarps can withstand different weather conditions and environments. They will not degrade from frequent exposure to the sun because they are treated against ultraviolet rays. These covers are waterproof so they can handle the rain and the damaging acts of liquids. 

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Lumber Tarp 


     Lumber tarp are, by far, the most popular flatbed truck tarps and truckers and haulers,keeping your load protected and trust your lumber will arrive at its destination undamaged.Lumber tarps are best suited for long, tall load such as stacked wood, wallboard, and other products that can be damaged by rain, UV rays, or road debris.


     Lumber tarps are designed with a flap at the end to cover the ends of lumber on a flatbed truck.Detailed craftsmanship ensures that these sturdy tarps stand up to the elements, punctures, wear, tear, and tough environments. Whether it is lumber, refuge, steel, heavy equipment, or temperature-sensitive asphalt.These are made with versatile, strong, and easy to handle materials including 18-ounce vinyl coated fabric available in standard and custom sizes for any trucking requirement including flatbeds, coil trailers, transfer trailers, dump trucks, and roll-offs.The heat-sealed vinyl seams and double lock-stitched hems deliver sturdiness, versatility, and resilience.The sides and flap are fitted with three rows of D-rings to make fast and secure connections using rubber tarp straps, rubber rope, and s-hooks.Each D-ring has an abrasion-resistant pad underneath to protect the tarp and keep it in excellent working condition.


     The raw material of lumber tarp is pvc tarpaulin. High tenacity Industries yarn coated with pvc Resin to reach various colors, embossed patterns and prints. Various Additives case different tarpaulin material to meet specific industry applications.


 Below are basic feature for tarpaulin:

1) High tensile strength and adhesion

2) Fire retardant; tear-resistant

3) Anti-fungus treatment

4) Anti-abrasive property

5) UV treated

6) Water-sealed and air tight

7) Antifreeze and corrosion-resistant


Below are basic usage for tarpaulin:

     1) Make sunshade and protection awning

     2) Truck tarpaulin,side curtain and train tarpaulin

     3) Best building and stadium top cover material

     4) Make lining and cover of camping tents

     5) Make swimming pool, airbed,inflate boats

Lumber Tarp


Base fabric is made of high-strength 

polyester fiber with high-density weaving.
Passed various testing requirements,Super durable.


Added with flame retardants 

and smoke suppressor.


Waterproof coating 

Meeting water can instantly gather water droplets
Water can be stored as a pool.


Sturdy material. 

Able to cope with severe weather and harsh environment.


High Frequency Welding. 

Uses a variety of wrapping technology.
Color and tension are strictly monitored.