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Advantages of dump truck tarps
2020-09-03   Jumtarps    Industry News

     With the urbanization process and continuous economic development in various places, the urban population has grown rapidly. Concomitantly, the transportation of municipal solid waste, construction waste, and sludge from urban construction also increased. Previously, the urban muck truck was not covered but simply covered with a piece of soil net. The dust and leakage of the muck truck along the way caused serious pollution to the urban environment. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the muck truck. There are the following requirements for the stamping of the land vehicle. In order to ensure the normal operation of dump trucks and shield the muck, the roof system needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Good airtight performance. Ensure that the dregs car # dump truck tarps # will not cause dust or leakage during transportation, which is the basic requirement for installing the capping system.

2. Good safety performance. The airtight box cover cannot exceed the car body too much, affecting normal driving and posing a safety hazard. The changes to the entire vehicle should be reduced to ensure that the center of gravity remains unchanged when the vehicle is loaded.

3. Easy to use. The dump truck tarps system can be normally opened and retracted in a short time, and the cargo handling process is not affected.

4. Small size and light weight. Try not to occupy the inner space of the car body, and the weight should not be too large, otherwise it will cause the transportation efficiency to drop or overload.

5. Good reliability. The service life and maintenance costs of the entire closed box cover system will affect the operating efficiency of vehicle owners.