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Folding method of pvc vinyl tarps
2020-09-28   Jumtarps    Company News

   The wide application of pvc vinyl tarps is well known. It has occupied the market with its own advantages and is widely accepted by people. The pvc vinyl tarps need to be folded and stored, which not only saves a lot of space, but also effectively prolongs its service life. But how do pvc vinyl tarps fold? Let's take a look at what the manufacturer of pvc vinyl tarps says.

   1. The front part of the pvc vinyl tarps is flattened upwards, leaving two side ropes, and the two sides in the length direction are folded toward the longitudinal middle line of the pvc vinyl tarps.

   2. Divide the folded side into three equal parts and fold it twice toward the middle line.

   3. Fold the two sides of the pvc vinyl tarps in the direction of the horizontal midline of the pvc vinyl tarps, and then fold it in the middle three times and then jump backwards. The folded outer dimension is about 1000mm×600mm×300mm.

   4. There are reserved ropes for binding, cross on both sides, tighten and fasten the rope heads. The rope buckle should not be loosened or dragged. However, it should be noted that after folding, the small road signs and tarps numbers on the pvc tarps should be completely exposed.