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How to buy Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulins
2021-07-27   Jumtarps    Industry News

How to buy Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulins


    Tarpaulins, generally referred to as tarps, are big sheets of waterproof material. PVC is a powerful material made from synthetic or natural fabrics which are coated and laminated with a waterproofing. This material is generally used to produce heavy-duty tarpaulins that can be made according to the specifications by JUM Tarps in China.

PVC Tarpaulin Material

  PVC polyester tarpaulin fabric is based on high-power PVC coated polyester fabric, coated PVC resin paste with antifungal agents, synthetic plant esters, antistatic agents, anti-aging agent and other chemical additives, plasticized by high temperature. With anti-mildew, waterproof, anti-cold, anti-static properties, and anti-aging, and breaking strength, tear strength, tear elongation which is more excellent than the traditional tarpaulin. Its big range of use, the use of strength, is the mainstream of new tarpaulin products.

 JUM Tarps are used largely in many industries.


   These traps can be used to cover open-air materials that need to be kept from the sun, rain and wind. PVC is non-flammable so it is naturally fire retardant. It is also resistant to a big range of chemicals including some acids.


   They are used to make taut liner curtains for trucks which save the goods being transported from extreme weather situations.


   Do you have a sports ground which requires to be protected during bad weather? PVC tarps are the best solution as they can be made to fit any field shape and they can help keep your field in the best situation. PVC tarps are used to make cricket pitch covers.


  Tarps are used to make curtains for chicken homes which help manage temperature and light. There is also a unique tarp which has been used exclusively by farmers in Australia, Africa and Canada to save their grain. This kind of tarp stops the grain from getting moulding or caking due to high heat which you would experience with a regular PVC tarp. The base cloth of the grain-specific tarp also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features. The PVC is produced with food-grade materials which make sure bad chemicals would not go into your crop.

Fire Retarding Properties of our PVC Tarpaulins

  PVC has inherently best fire retaining features due to its chlorine content, even in the lack of fire retardants. For example, the ignition temperature of PVC is as high as 460 C, and it has a material which is less dangerous for fire incidents since it can’t be ignited easily. Additionally, the heat released in burning is very low with PVC, when matched with those PP and PE. PVC contributes much less to expanding fire to nearby stuff even while burning. We also provide PVC grades with unique fire retardant treatment, to additionally improve this property.

  So, PVC is extremely perfect for safety reasons in products used by people in their daily lives, as well as truck trailer tarps.


  Under general conditions of use, the factor most powerfully influencing the durability of a material is resistance to oxidation by special oxygen. PVC, having the molecular formation where the chlorine atom is bound to every carbon chain, is very resistant to oxidative reactions, and maintains its performance for a long time, making it best for truck trailer tarps.