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PVC Tarp - Why Are Plastic Tarps Blue?
2022-02-08   Jumtarps    Industry News

PVC Tarp - Why Are Plastic Tarps Blue?


Why are plastic tarps blue? Why are some stronger than others? This question has been asked by people who have never used tarps before. The most common answer is that blue tarps are the sturdiest. However, the question of "What color tarp is stronger?" is a bit more complicated. Here are some basic answers.


One of the main reasons that plastic tarps are blue is their strength. They are the strongest among all colors, and they are also the most durable. They come in different sizes, so be sure to choose the correct size for your tent. The thickness of a TARP is measured in mils, and the higher the mils, the thicker it is.


The thickness of a TARP is measured in mils. Light weight tarps are six mils thick. Heavy duty tarps are eleven or twelve mils thick, while super heavy duty tarps are 23 mils. Why are plastic tasties blue? What color tare is the strongest? Besides being strong, a tarp can be very lightweight or heavy duty. The lightest weight type of tarps are six mils thick, while the heavy-duty types are 11-12 mils thick. The super heavy duty tarps are twenty four mils thick and are perfect for covering hazardous materials.


PVC Tarpaulin - What Color Tarp Is The Strongest?


Why are plastic tarps blue? What color tarp is the strongest? Is a common question among people. There are many reasons why tarps are colored blue. Regardless of the color, you will find a tarp to fit your needs. You can purchase a blue tarp for any application. In most cases, the color does not matter.


A canvas tarp is a blend between polyester and cotton. It has a single color and is designed for a single purpose. While vinyl and plastic taps are widely available in different colors, a blue canvas tarp is the most durable. For example, a plastic tarp can cover an entire RV. A breathable tarp can protect a motorcycle from sunlight.


If you want to protect your cargo, you should consider the temperature range in which your tarp will be exposed. If you're covering a hot area, a dark blue tarps will provide protection against the hot sun and keep the area cool. In case of extreme temperatures, a tarp with a red color is not weatherproof.


Different tarps have different strengths and weaknesses. The lightweight blue tarp should be at least five mils thick. A heavy duty tarps should be at least 23 mils thick. While a blue tarps is more waterproof, a red tarps will leak. In contrast, a blue tarps will hold air and will last only a single season.


Blue tarps are most common in industrial and agricultural settings. They are often breathable and can be used as curtains. They're also a good choice for outdoor patios when the temperature drops and you don't want to expose your plants to the sun. The white tarps is the sturdiest color of a tarp.


Why are plastic tarps blue? Why are they so expensive? The answer is in the color. The strongest tarps is the one that resists tear and is waterproof. The blue tarp is usually made of polyethylene, whereas a blue tarp is tougher than a standard tarp.


A blue tarp is the sturdiest tarps in the market. Its thickness is 0.14 mm. This tarp is the lightest duty tarpaulin. It's used for household and light industrial applications. It's lightweight and can't cover flatbed loads.