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Industrial fabric popular science series "Two"---Coating and film
2021-04-06   Jumtarps    Company News

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Coated fabric is a new type of material that has developed extremely rapidly in recent years. It is a composite material that integrates structural mechanics, material science and design, and is a new economic growth point for the textile industry. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has good aging resistance and is a cost-effective coating material.

At present, there are three types of coating fabric manufacturing processes, namely laminating method, calendering method and coating method. The laminating method is a processing method in which the upper and lower layers of the formed PVC film are heated and laminated with the middle base fabric layer under the pressure of a hot roller; The calendering method is a processing method in which various raw materials such as PVC powder and liquid plasticizer are fully stirred and bonded to the base fabric under the pressure of a high temperature hot roller. The coating method is to evenly coat the liquid PVC slurry on the front and back sides of the base fabric with a scraper, dry and plasticize it to make it completely integrated into a whole, and then cool and shape. The products produced by the laminating process and the calendering process have poor peel strength, while the products produced by the coating process can be added with a certain adhesive, and the products have better peel strength. The comparison is as follows:

PVC knife coated fabric

PVC laminated fabric

PVC semi coated fabric


base fabric and coating

base fabric and a PVC film

base fabric,coating and

PVC film


The main component of the coating
is PVC paste resin

PVC film

PVC paste resin + PVC film


The paste-like PVC slurry poured
on the base fabric
and smoothed by a scraper
then plasticized in the oven

The PVC film attached to
the base fabric with glue

first sizing,
then filming
and plasticizing in the oven (hot-posting)


high adhesion
and long service life

high production efficiency
and good air tightness

high production efficiency
and good air tightness


poor air tightness
and low production efficiency

short service life
and easy aging

short service life
and easy aging

Service life


easy aging

easy aging

production efficiency









Both the front and back are relatively flat

The front is flat
and the back is grainy

The front is flat
and the back is grainy


The addition of plasticizers can reduce the force between PVC molecular chains and reduce the glass transition temperature, flow temperature and melting point of the crystallites contained in the PVC plastic. The plasticizer can improve the plasticity of the resin, make the product soft and have good low temperature resistance.

Because the material contains plasticizers, it is susceptible to mold attack. The anti-mold agent is added to kill the mold and prevent the PVC material from being mildewed and rotten.

Fillers are solid additives used to improve the performance of composite materials and reduce costs,its functions are:

① reduce the shrinkage of molded parts, improve the dimensional stability, surface finish, and smoothness of the product;

② effectively adjust the resin viscosity;

③  It can meet different performance requirements and improve wear resistance. Most fillers can improve the impact strength and compressive strength of the material, but cannot increase the tensile strength;

④  Improve the coloring effect of the pigment.

PVC coating/polyester fabric is mainly PVC coated (or laminated) on polyester fabric to make the fabric have color, strength and water resistance. PVC/polyester fabric can be welded frequently. Microwave can be used when welding. Toughening agents are generally added to PVC. Microwave can remove the toughening agent in the weld, and the strength of the weld is better than that of PVC/polyester fabric itself. PVC/polyester fabric has the advantage of low cost because of its cheap materials, convenient transportation and storage, and easy processing and construction.

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