Waterproof and Fireproof 850 gsm Coated Blackout PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

Waterproof and Fireproof 850 gsm Coated Blackout PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

  Heavy Duty Tarps are the leading choice for the vinyl tarp buyers focused on long lasting quality along with great value. Our heavy duty tarps are engineered to the highest standards in the industry.The industrial quality of our heavy duty tarps makes them perfect for covering equipment, cargo transported by wagons, hay bales, RV’s and many more. They are also ideal for agriculture applications. We offer the widest selection of grades, weights, and colors in standard and custom option sizes. In addition, The most demanding jobs can be handled by the heavy duty vinyl tarps. They are tough against tearing and abrasions. The incredible strength of the heavy duty vinyl tarps makes them suitable for covering jobs in the industrial and agricultural sector.You can easily and quickly tie down the tarps with the grommets found on the sides. The grommets are rust resistant so they won’t stain the fabric. The tarps are also made extra tough by the heat sealed seams.These tarps can withstand different weather conditions and environments. They will not degrade from frequent exposure to the sun because they are treated against ultraviolet rays. These covers are waterproof so they can handle the rain and the damaging acts of liquids. 

Product Parameter Product Details

     PVC Coated Tarpaulin Is Made By PVC Resin Coated Onto 1-layer Mesh Fabric. It Was Mainly Used For Sheets, Membrane, Covers, Awning, Tents, Shades, Curtains. Coated PVC Tarpaulin Could Meet Standard Flame Behaviors, Cadmium Free, En 71-3, Reach Regulations, Anti Static, And Other International Standard.  PVC Tarpaulin Rolls Widths From 1.0mts -5.1mts,  Weight From 240gsm -2700gsm, And Thickness From 0.19mm -2.0mm.

ItemVinyl Coated Polyester 
TechnologyDirect Coating 
Weights  From 240g/m2 - 7 oz/yd2   To  1800g/m2 - 53oz/yd2
Widths1.0m / 3.2ft - 5.1m / 16.7 ft
Lengths50m / 164ft - 250m / 820ft
Thickness 0.19mm  to 1.5mm 
Thread 100% PES - 1000denier / 1300denier / 1500denier 
Construction 10x20/18x18/20x20/20x22/23x23/ 26x28/ 30x30/30x32
Color According to RAL K7 / Pantone PMS Color Chart
Lacquer L 1/1 -  P 2/2 
StrengthsTear Strength / Tensile Strength / Adhesion Strength
ChemicalPhthalates Free / Non phthalates / PAHs Free / CA Prop 65
FlammabilityDIN 4102 - A1 / B1 / NFPA 701 / NFP 93-352 - M1 / M2
Heavy MetalEN 71 -3 Standard < 90ppm
Plasticizer MigrationNo
Cold Cracking-30℃ / -22℉
Mildew PropertiesASTM G 21 A1 - A0 Standard
AntistaticSurfacing < 10^13 ohm - 10^8 ohm
PackageKraft Paper 
MOQ3000MTS/ Specifications
Leading Time15 - 25 Days
HS Code59031090
ApplicationTarps/Covers/Curtains/Awnings/Shades/ Tents/Membranes
Warranty3 - 5 Years Limited 

Article DescriptionBasic Fabric Weight Properties 
1Coated Tarpaulin250 x 250 36 x 38240 g/m2Anti Static
2Coated Tarpaulin500 x 500 28 x 36500 g/m2UV Proof 
3Coated Tarpaulin500 x 1000 30 x 17400 g/m2Ripstop Tarpaulin 5CM
4Coated Tarpaulin840 x 840  18 x 18 420 g/m2Knitting Fabric 
5Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  18 x 18500 g/m2UV Proof
6Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1300 18 x 17600 g/m2Twisted Tarpaulin 
7Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1300 18 x 20600 g/m2Ripstop Tarpaulin 5CM
8Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 2000 10 x 20600 g/m2Half Panama Tarpaulin
9Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 20 x 20 500 g/m2UV Proof
10Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  20 x 22550 g/m2Twisted Tarpaulin 
11Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  23 x 23650 g/m2Boat  Fabric 
12Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 23 x 23680 g/m2Ripstop Tarpaulin 2CM
13Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 23 x 23850 g/m2Blockout Tarpaulin, 95% Opaque
14Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 24 x 25 650 g/m2Tent Tarpaulin,  Lacquer, F R
15Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  26 x  28 1000 g/m2Boat Fabric 
16Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 30 x 30 900 g/m2Panama Tarpaulin, Lacquer,  FR
17Coated Tarpaulin1300 x 1300 28 x 28 1250 g/m2Anti Wick Tarpaulin, Lacquer, FR

Super Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Polyester

Finished Size: 6" or 3% less than stated size

Double needle lock stitched hems

Weight: 18 oz/yd2

Heat sealed interior seams

Thickness: 21-23 mils

Waterproof and UV resistant

Grommet Spacing (all sides): 24" approx.

Made in CHINA

      These industrial tarps have high tear strength and high abrasion resistance. They are also oil, grease, acid, and mildew resistant. These tarps ship out within 15-20 business days. Want to know more about our shipping?


Recommended 18 Oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp Uses

      The 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarps are heavy-duty covers with amazing qualities. These super tough covers can handle the demanding covering applications in trucking, construction and roofing.These tarps will not tear or abrade easily. It will take a lot of outdoor exposure and demanding jobs before they wear out. That’s why these are also recommended for industrial and agricultural applications. There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from so you can select the most suitable one for your purposes.Here are the other popular uses of the 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp:

Recreation cover

Sports facility cover

Canopy cover

Equipment and machinery cover

Dump truck/trailer cover

5-sided covers

Vehicle cover

      The 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is a thick and heavy tarp. It might be too bulky for some applications. If you are looking for a cover you can use temporarily, check out our line of poly tarps. If you are looking for the same quality but with a lighter material, we recommend out heavy duty vinyl tarps.


Qualities of the 18 Oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp

      Our 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp may be thicker and heavier compared with the typical products we offer. But just like any other tarp, you can easily use these heavy-duty vinyl tarps. You can trust the quality and durability of our vinyl covers.The 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is waterproof and oil resistant. It keeps your items protected from the damaging acts that water, rain and different kinds of damages liquids can bring. Oil based substances are usually found in workshops, painting projects and industrial areas. Since the 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarps are resistant to oil, we recommend these covers for such places and jobs. These tarps are also UV treated. Regardless of constant outdoor exposure, the tarps will not deteriorate.Our 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is long-lasting. It can be used for applications that require a long-term cover. It is usable all throughout the year. With the resistance of the tarp to abrasions, it can handle the heavy demands of trucking and trailering.

Heavy Duty Tarp


Base fabric is made of high strength 

polyester fiber,High density weaving,
Super durable.


Added with flame retardants 

and smoke suppressor.


Waterproof coating 

Meeting water can instantly gather water droplets
Water can be stored as a pool.


Sturdy material. 

Able to cope with severe weather and harsh environment.


High Frequency Welding. 

Uses a variety of wrapping technology.
Color and tension are strictly monitored.