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How to Build a Shelter with PVC Tarp and Rope
2022-08-18   Jumtarps    Industry News

How to Build a Shelter with PVC Tarp and Rope

   First, you must create a ridgeline. The reason of having a ridgeline is you have the flexibility. You can move the PVC tarp along that length of it adjusting or making rooms for whatever you’ll put under your shelter. The ridgeline supports the middle section of your tarp shelter and avoids sagging. You can create this line by stringing a length of rope between two trees. You can also use any sturdy poles. Be sure you tie the rope to both trees or poles at the same level and should be as tight as it can be to ensure a sturdy ridgeline. Place it as high up the tree trunk or pole as you would like the roof of your PVC tarp shelter to be. This elevates the middle of your PVC tarp and forms the shape of an A-frame PVC tarp shelter.

   Second, lay the center of the PVC tarp over the ridgeline. Make sure the PVC tarp is equally hanging from both sides of the ridgeline to avoid trouble or inconvenience. It’s better to have a partner in setting it up to make it easier.

   Finally, after placing the PVC tarp over the ridgeline, fasten the bottom edges to the ground. Pull the bottom edges of the PVC tarp outwards, away from the center of the shelter. Put stakes into the ground. The number of stakes varies on the number of grommets on your PVC tarp. Tie a length of rope from the grommets of your PVC tarp to the stakes on the ground. The edges should be fastened firmly to avoid the PVC tarp being flapped around by the wind. Flapping PVC tarps causes it to get torn easily.

   PVC tarp on a ridgeline is the easiest and the most flexible shelter you can ever have.