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Why PVC material tarpaulin is so popular
2020-09-02   Jumtarps    Industry News

    The tarpaulin of the tent is an indispensable part. The frame is removed, and the rest is the tarpaulin. The tarpaulin plays a great role in the use of the tent. It can not only protect against wind and rain, but also The role of ultraviolet light.

    The tarpaulin is mainly used for the maintenance part. It is a PVC synthetic fiber double-layer knife-scraping coated cloth (commonly known as: knife-scraping coated PVC), which has excellent water resistance; the surface of the PVC tarpaulin is treated with PMMA self-cleaning coating, and some canopies Although the cloth is white, it is especially convenient to clean up. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging, so that the tarpaulin has good light transmission, soft and comfortable light, and there will be no discoloration and other problems even if it is exposed to the sun.

    The fire rating of the tarpaulin can also reach the B1 level, and the flame retardancy conforms to DIN4102B1, M2, BS5438/7873, NFPA701, and the United States. At the same time, PVC adopts high-frequency welding technology, which can make the wind resistance of the tent reach 80-100 km/h.

In the rainy season in the south, the tarp will not be moldy after the rain, it is easy to dry, and is convenient for maintenance and storage. When the temperature in the north is low, it will not affect the use of the tarp. The lowest temperature can reach -30℃, and the weather resistance is good. When used in industry, the highest temperature can reach 70℃, which can meet the temperature use of some large-scale industries.